Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Since I took a half day yesterday to watch the Sox open the season in Texas, I was able to finish Moon's Crossing while Schilling painted corners looking a lot like his old self. I'm going to try to write a review (or synopsis) of Moon's Crossing after work tonight or at least first thing tomorrow.

Is it weird if I cut and paste all my postings into a word format to keep on file? I haven't done this yet, but was thinking about making such a move later this week. I guess my biggest concern is whether or not to continue the blog. Since I started the blog, I don't write in my journal anymore and feel that it may be more worthwhile to do so and quit the blog world. To be determined.

"By character he inclined more to the taciturn than to the loquacious; he even had a noble aspiration towards enlightenment-that is, towards the reading of books, the content of which bothered him not in the slightest: it was quite immaterial to him whether he read the adventures of an amorous hero, or a simple reading primer, or a prayer book-he read them all with equal attention; hand him a manual of chemistry and he would not demur. He enjoyed not so much what he read as the act of reading, or to be more precise, the very process of reading, the remarkable way those letters combined to produce some word or other, a word which sometimes meant the devil knows what. This reading usually accomplished in a supine position in the hallway, on the bed, and on the palliasse, which had been worn by this exercise to the thinness and flatness of a pancake."

Nikolai Gogol Dead Souls


Dorothy W. said...

As someone who's been an on-again, off-again journal writer, I sympathize with the uncertainty of how to go about all this writing. Since I began blogging, I've stopped the journal, and sometimes I think it's too bad that I'm not keeping it up, since I would write things there I wouldn't in a blog. But I just can't do both -- it would take up too much time. Since I'm a sporadic journal-writer, though, I think a blog is better for me, as I will probably keep it up better, with a (potential) audience. For me, it's better to write a blog regularly than a journal only now and then.

M. Barresi said...

Dorothy, I couldn't have put it better myself (that's why I haven't.) Every now and then I like to complain and with this being blogworld, I figured I'd vent in my writing. You're absolutely right though. I haven't written in my journal too regularly since I became a steady blogger and I miss putting pen to paper and hearing the scratch the pen makes in my not too swift and gracefull hand.