Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I decided to leave Eco at home today for a number of reasons. First, my bag was loaded with library books I have to return during lunch. Second, I only have about 70 pages left and I didn't want to have to bring another book along in case I finished Eco before I got home (Imagine spending a 45 minute train ride with no book?!) Third(ly?), I wanted to have it at home, waiting for me to finish it. I like that sort of excitement.

In place of Eco, I brought along Mr. Saramago's Double. I know I've read one his books earlier in the year, but the man is brilliant. I read with a pen in my hand, within striking distance of the page, ready to underline any passage, sentence, name, or town I want...and I could underline every line of a Saramago novel.

Why, Because you're not content with anything, I'd be content with very little if I had it.

Tertuliano Maximo Afonso cannot shake off the idea that so many chance events and coincidences coming all together could very well correspond to a plan, as yet unrevealed.

The fact that history does not record a fact doesn't mean the fact did not exist.

However great an effort it may take, we know that all it requires to escape from a nightmare is to open our eyes, but the cure in this case was to close the eyes, not his own, but those reflected in the mirror.

In the first 36 pages, I noted these passages. With 300 more to go, I know I'll be able to find more shards of wisdom from Mr. Saramago.

Intuitive. That's how I'd describe him. Does that make sense?


Dorothy W. said...

Ugh -- a long train ride without a book -- shudder.

I simply must read Saramago.

Stefanie said...

Yes, intuitive does make sense. Be careful you don't underline the whole book! ;)

M. Barresi said...

Dorothy - Saramago is now one of my favorites and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Believe me Stefanie, I'm trying not to underline the whole book because then it becomes worthless in a sense. I've put the cap back on the pen and will try and use the force wisely.