Friday, October 02, 2009

Library Book Sale

Last Saturday morning, my sister and I were up early to get to the quarterly Medford Public Library Book Sale. The sale, held partly outdoors (mass market paperbacks $.50 ea.) and partly in two old garages behind the library, has become a must visit for me. During my last trip, I came away with a first edition Shadow of the Wind and a few other collectible books. And since I'm not collecting much anymore, I was able to spend some cash on some paperbacks. For $10.50 I got 11 books. Nice days work.

A few of the key finds were:

The Art of Detection by Laurie King
A Monstrous Regimen of Women by Laurie King
The Darwin Conspiracy by John Darnton
The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes
Arthur and George by Julian Barnes
Legacy of the Dead by Charles Todd

I'm halfway through The Darwin Conspiracy and although it's Possession-lite and not nearly as enjoyable as I was hoping, it's still a good lunchtime read.


Dorothy W. said...

Very nice finds you have there, and for a great price! I'm curious what you will think of the Laurie King books. I didn't love the first one of hers I read, but I might enjoy others by her.

Mike B. said...

Dorothy, I've loved the Mary Russell series from the beginning. I'm reading my third or fourth book in the series (not chronologically) and can't wait to continue on with Russell and Holmes.

Inkslinger said...

I love the description Possession-lite! Sounds like I might give that one a miss. :)

And I loved the first of the Mary Russell series and have been impatient to read the others (my sister is lending me hers -- she has the whole series up to this point-- and she's taking her time getting them to me! ugh).