Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cleaned the pantry and kitchen and bought some books

After breakfast, I cleaned our kitchen and pantry. Reorganized. Then did lots of nothing. It was a gorgeous day, so my wife willingly went to the book store with me. Traded in many; purchased some more.

A Drink Before the War Dennis Lehane The first in the Kenzie/Gennaro series.

The Given Day
Dennis Lehane Epic. Boston.

Venus in Copper
Lindsey Davis Can never get enough of our man on the case, Marcus Didius Falco.

Deadwood Pete Dexter Called by some the best Western ever written.

The Rossetti Letter Christi Phillips Mystery and intrigue in 17th Century Venice.

No Name Wilkie Collins Dickens called it his best.

Armadale Wilkie Collins Two men. One name.

Remembering Laughter
Wallace Stegner Stegner's first novel.

Joe Hill Wallace Stegner Hero of the people or murderer?


SFP said...

I don't know if it's the best Western ever, but I've read it twice!

Did you watch the Deadwood series on HBO, Mike?

PS, glad you're blogging again.

Danielle said...

Armadale is my favorite Wilkie Collins so far, but I just started No Name. Interesting that Dickens called it his best--I have a feeling that has to do with the social content rather than the the sensational nature of the book. I want to read The Rosetti Letter, too!

Mike B. said...

SFP - I did watch Deadwood. Great show. I miss it. Timothy Olyphant was brilliant.

Danielle - I can't wait to read another Collins. I haven't read anything of his in a few years. October and November always feel like prime months to read Wilkie.

Dorothy W. said...

Yay for Wilkie Collins! I've got Armadale on my shelves for when I get the urge to read another, which probably won't be too long.