Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Death be not proud When you lose a loved one...an iPod that is.

Reading and old article by Jonathan Coe in The Guardian on Billy Wilder

"The verbal dexterity of Wilder's screenwriting seems to imply, for some critics, that there must be some corresponding visual paucity. They seem unable to acknowledge that the films are both visually and verbally rich, which is surely what must be asked of an art form that has had the capacity to combine both sound and vision for all but the first few years of its history. Wilder began his career as a writer - a journalist, in fact - working in Vienna, the city of his birth, where he wrote profiles of celebrated contemporaries including Freud. (The main thing he remembered from his visit to Freud's consulting rooms was that the famous couch was much smaller than he expected. Later in life, this caused him to dismiss Freud with the observation that "all his theories were based on the analysis of short people".) His early journalism has recently been anthologised and published in Germany, although it remains untranslated."

Thanks to Bookish for the link.

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