Thursday, March 02, 2006

My new favorite book blogs are... Bookdwarf, Tingle Alley, Fresh Eyes and Pages Turned. Please check these out, they will be worth your while.

Bookdwarf is a bookseller in Cambridge who has all the info you'll need on Boston based book events, such as author readings. She's also posts her 'current reads' frequently. And unlike me, she's reading books that are either on the cusp of being published or on the verge of becoming noticed. In other words, she's on the frontline of books.

Tingle Alley is a wickedly smart reader in North Carolina. As far as book blogs go, hers is in depth.

Fresh Eyes is a now retired master bookseller from Vermont. His experience selling books, reading books and talking about books, make his blogs one of the best. He's also a great writer. Reading his blog makes me want to be a bookseller.

And Pages Turned is a blog I just started reading and now I'm reading the archives. A great blog to read while I act busy at work.

I just wish all these writers posted every day. Every hour of every day.

Oh yeah, and check out my friend (non-book blog) Blogalicious

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