Thursday, March 22, 2007

No, I haven't been off losing myself in March Madness like in years past, I've been reading. Luckily I came across a few great books in a row.

During the past week or so, I read The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, The Haunted Bookshop (albeit a better copy than the one pictured on Powell's. Mine is a little hardcover with dust jacket from the 1950s.) and in less than 24 hours, I finished Written on the Body.

I'm going for a few drinks afterwork, but I'm looking forward to writing up some thoughts on these books. All perfect in their own way. I know I've written it before, but I'll write it and say it again, go out today and pick up a Jeanette Winterson book. You won't be disappointed.

Hopefully waiting for me when I get home tonight:
Club Dumas, Angle of Repose and The Way of all Flesh.

I never thought I'd say such a thing, but Thank You It sounds like such blasphemy even as I write it.


danielle said...

I'm curious about The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre. I have heard good things about it, but haven't yet broken down and bought it now that it is in paper. You are the second person this month who has recommended Jeannette Winterson. I guess I need to finally pull one of her books off the shelf. I have owned a few books by her for years and never gotten around to reading them...

Anonymous said...

It was written first in 1856 and re-written htis century by Daguerre. It is not original.