Thursday, March 12, 2009

I had every intention of reading more of the The List of Seven tonight, but after cooking dinner, washing dishes, and paying bills, I've put the book and picked up the computer (laptop.) After browsing the blogs and checking the usual sites, I made my way to Amazon and bought four books. I know that I'm playing a major role in the death of bookstores, but I can't ignore books for $.01 (not counting $3.99 shipping & handling.) I did pay $1.98 for a book, but four books for $19.92 makes for a successful night. Books purchased, To Kingdom Come by Will Thomas, Ghost Walk and Die Once by Marianne Macdonald and Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle. The Macdonald and Carlisle are bibliomysteries and the Thomas novel is part of the Barker and Llewelyn series. And though I know the books won't arrive for at least 5 business days, I'll be anxious until the package(s) arrive. I think everyone should have books delivered to them everyday. Preferably for free.

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